Let us take the S out of STRESS, as we can assist you with your gyprock /plastering needs that is required for your new or beautifully renovated home.


The service and assistance we can provide includes:

  • Application of plasterboard to ceilings and walls
  • Application to wet areas in villa board or aqua check (ie. wet area board)
  • Application of standard and ornamental cornices
  • Build and construct bulk heads and coffet ceilings
  • Square set windows and doors
  • Installation of shadow line to ceilings
  • Installation of outdoor entertaining areas (ie veranda and bars)
  • Specialise in patch work to new, old and renovated homes
  • Arch ways
  • Repair work to vermiculite ceilings
  • Sound proof to entertaining area (ie. theatre rooms, bedrooms)
  • Aircraft noise reduction
  • Installing of insulation